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The British Cemetery Lisbon

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This website is dedicated to the history and beauty of the British Cemetery in Lisbon.  The cemetery is 300 years old and held in trust with St. George's Church, which was built within the cemetery grounds in 1889, replacing an earlier chapel from 1822, both established  to serve the British community in Lisbon. Today, the church has a vibrant community of English speakers drawn from around the world.  Further information about the St George’s Church  community can be found on its own website ( see link on Contacts Page )

The cemetery is a hallowed place to which people have come over the centuries to lay their loved ones to rest, to remember them, and to worship.  The beauty and tranquillity of its gardens works to bring peace and serenity to its visitors and thanksgiving for this planet, of which we are stewards. 

                                                                                                                                   Revd Canon Beth Bendrey

                                                                                                                   Chaplain, St. George, Lisbon & St. Paul, Estoril

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