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The British Cemetery often gets enquiries relating to the Parish Registers and graves located within the Cemetery. Although former grave inscription surveys were carried out in 1824 and 1943 ( the latter by the Reverend H. F. Fulford Williams ), a new survey is underway to bring all recorded grave inscriptions and grave positions up to date. New, detailed, plans are being produced which show exact grave positions within each section of the Cemetery not only to aid the Administrators, Clergy, Church Wardens, and Parishioners, but also to enable easier location when enquiries are made.


As will be appreciated, this, and the transcription of the Parish Registers, are ongoing projects and take considerable time and resources. Unfortunately the Cemetery has limited sources of income and it is thought best that any enquiries requiring the time of Officers or the Archivists, or the production of digital copies and/or more extensive genealogical work, need, of necessity, to attract appropriate donations to cover costs. Until now this has been in the form of a purely voluntary donation, however it is now felt that a 'suggested donation' would be both a guide to enquirers and more appropriate.


The following is a schedule of suggested donations. Payment in advance would be appreciated and can be made by contacting the Cemetery Administrator who can give details of how to make donation payments.



Single entry lookup in one Register where year is known

Single entry lookup in one Register where year is unknown

Multiple entry lookups in one Register where years are known

Multiple entry lookups in one Register where years are not known

Work requiring searches of more than one Register

Digital Images of entries in Registers ( jpeg format )

Searches of grave inscription surveys for graves in Cemetery

Digital Images of particular graves survey entries

Digital Images of particular graves, and where legible, inscriptions

Digital copies of Section Plans with information as to grave position

Postage if print and send service required

Genealogical Service:

We can offer a more comprehensive service drawing on records held by the Cemetery plus additional external sources. This would result in a report tailored to your needs with associated paperwork, copies and family tree.


Suggested Donation   

( in Euros )

€ 5.00

€ 15.00 per hour

€ 15.00

€ 20.00 per hour

€ 20.00 per hour

€ 5.00 per image

€ 15.00 per hour

€ 3.00 per image

€ 5.00 per image

€ 3.00 per image

ask for quote

ask for quote

Please contact the Archives department in the first instance if you wish research to be carried out.

The email address is:   


You will be then contacted, with details of the total suggested donation and payment method, by the Administrator of the Cemetery. All further contact will then be direct from an Archivist and any resulting queries should be directed to that person.

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